This Home is Located in The Woodlands Texas. The Client wanted a custom Las Vegas Themed MediaRoom/Game Room, that could be used for multiple applications.  Our Interior Design team worked with our in house Fabrication Team to make this happen. The Acoustic Panels were made in house, to keep the Cinema aspect of the room contained, while being able to play at the game table near the entrance of the room. Created for the ultimate Sports experience, where you can enjoy multiple games at once while entertaining guests. This Project utilizes a 100" Sony XBR Television in the Middle, 4, 55" Sony OLED TV's on the outside, Paired with Focal 1000 Series inwall speakers, Triad Passive Subwoofers, also surrounded with Focal 1000 Series inwalls for surround sound, The rear stage has a built in inwall subwoofer behind the back row for the desired bass effect at low volume. The purpose of the room was to be multifunctional while maintaining an awesome Cinema Experience, Not to forget Custom SAVANT Programming along with Lighting scenes provided by LUTRON to create that Cinema look and feel. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED
Location: The Woodlands Tx--- Mission: To Create an awesome experience, that was subtle when not being used. This was a His and Her Compromise, meaning He wanted a HUGE TV BUT other parties involved wanted this to look like a formal Living Room. So.. We Compromise. We hid a Stewart Film Firehawk 120" motorized projection screen within this massive cabinet, as well as a JVC 4K projector on a NEXUS 21 motorized lift hidden in the ceiling. Sprinkle in some FOCAL Speakers for the Audio, as well as LUTRON Motorized Shades to keep the outdoor Lights at bay.. When the Screen is Nicely tucked away we have a 75"SAMSUNG Frame TV ready to play for daily tv watching with a custom (FRAME My TV) to make it look the part. BOOM. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!
Located in The Woodlands TX---- Mission: The Client wanted to create a Cinema out of a small play room. Our install team added some wall sconces, and a fresh coat of paint to make this room pop, Sprinkle in some awesome sound and a few Goodies! This Room has a Full Dolby Atmos System brought to you by DEFINITIVE Technology, which provided a buject friendly option with out sacrificing the cinema experience this family was desiring. We added a Marantz Cinema 50 and a REL subwoofer sitting in the back of the room, to add a little desired Cinema fun in the back. In the front we added a set of BP9060 towers along with a CS9060 center channel all with active subwoofers, Making that a grand total of 4 Subs in this 14x16 room!! Adding some inciting DT8's and to finish it out some DT8 Inwalls to close the gap in the back! Such a fun space, for many movie nights to come. BOOM!! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!
Home Location: The Woodlands Texas-- Mission : The Client wanted a non traditional Theater Set up. Young Preston and Master Technician/ Designer, Jason putting in the rack work on the Theater Above. We used a Denon AVR along with a Screen Innovations 120" screen, paired it up with some Definitive Technology action to make it this budget friendly theater Room pop for the right price! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!