Whether we start with your existing equipment and modify the system to make it function properly or completely overhaul your system, we will make sure you end up with the best system for your budget. Every design starts a foundation, a starting point, a platform to build upon, so you as the client can choose to build at your own pace based off the options you’re asking for. Every AV solution we provide to you will be expandable, enabling you to add what you want, when you want as all of the technologies we provide will work seamlessly together.

This was a Budget Friendly Retro-fit installation. The Client was already up and going so we had to think quick to get them up and going with out disruption to the day to day operations. In this situation we used SONOS and sprinkled Play5's through out the establishment out of site, along with a few subs for some low end fun. "All about the Bass"!! Mission Accomplished!!


I wanted an amazing sound system for my blow dry bar locations. I told Justin exactly what I needed & my budget. Not only did he give me 3 options on systems & price points, but he was straight forward & honest. Our music sounds fantastic! They made it so easy to control and Justin is always available when I have questions."


Location: The Woodlands Tx, Houston Tx, Austin Texas, South Dakota, to name a few..

To say we have a soft spot for fitness studios would be an understatement!

Some we built from the ground up, other locations we were asked to make small modifications to intensify the client experience.

The Woodlands Location let us use our imaginations and go a lil crazy…

This Team of Ladies had a need and it was simple… what ever method they decided to teach, in whatever room they decided to teach it in, we were asked to create a Vibe for their clients the second they opened the front door to the studio.  They simply wanted them to Feel the beat, they wanted them to be in the zone!  So unlike some of the other fitness studios out there all of these locations Focused on atmospheric Fidelity and Quality. Whether it be a 16 speaker, 6 Subwoofer Party on a spin bike, or Chilling out in a yoga session.  Fidelity was our number one priority when we approached this project over 10 years ago!

These ladies keep it MOTIVATED with several different fitness methods under one roof with a Night Club Intensity coming at you from all different directions in every room!!

They wanted an Atmospheric experience like non other so we helped!

Even to this day we are still continuing to modify and keep up with the new methods they come up with!


Inspired Peak Studios

Inspired Peak Studios

Location : Spring TX

Our Mission with this system was to create a cohesive listening experience with the Instructor, without it being a distraction.  So in this Fun location we focused on Fidelity, and blending the audio system in both Sudio’s and Lobby area.  The instructor can control the music from their handheld device as well as control lighting with ease.  We focused on being heard and not seen so we didn’t take away from the beautiful atmosphere they created for the Clients.

Using a mixture of Paradigm Audio along with Anthem amplification, we were able to dial in each room using there ARC room correction technology.


RE/FORME Lagree Fitness

Location: Houston Texas

our Mission was “simplicity & Fidelity ” for this client. They wanted to walk in, press play and get down to business, and so they DID!

We used a combination of Definitive Technology along with a multizone audio amp and an airplay streamer.  Sennheiser for the microphone, and not to forget a 12″ sub for some low-end fun to get the beat popping while you’re working up a sweat!   MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!

Inner Element Fitness

Location: Spring Texas

Our Mission here was to create “Intensity” unlike some of our other builds, this wasn’t a beat driven method.  So they wanted SOUND and A lot of it.  With a Mixture of Tredmills and Air Compression workouts, sprinkle in heavy weights and Kettlebells this group fitness gym was made to shape and KICK your booty into the next world!  we added 8 loud speakers along with two subs, while separating voice on 8 overhead speakers, all while being controlled with the simplicity of a hand held device.  WAIT!! There’s more!  while using state of the art heart monitoring each client can see their caloric burn along with heart rate during each work out on tvs mounted throughout the workout area!  To achieve this we used an HDMI Distribution system so this could be done via laptop near the front counter location tied in to the MIND BODY software as the clients checked in for their work out.  Man oh Man that’s a lot of stuff!!  we took this one from start to finish!


Lansdowne Moody

Location: Houston TX, and surrounding stores

This was a full build out and pre-wire, we mounted several Flat Panel TV’s through the show room as well as offices.  We did a 135″ projection screen in the conference room along with an EPSON Laser projector.  We have since done build outs and prewires in multiple locations as they expand they’re presence in the Texas and surrounding areas!  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!

Southside Church of Christ

Location: Pasadena Tx

This has been an ongoing project for over a decade. Our Mission here was “seamless integration”.  They wanted this look like an auditorium when not being used when the system was off an have it not be a distraction.  We had done several Church’s using MicroLED panels and large TV’s, however we went with something more discrete for when the system wasn’t being used.

We started by adding Two Epson Laser projectors 30 feet up casting a 200″ plus screen on the modified Block paneling on each side of the Pulpit area.  This gives them the ability to be seen from both sides of the auditorium when in use, and blend when the system is off.  We’re using an HDBT HDMI Distribution system so the presentations can be used during there live stream recordings.  We eventually added a projector in the back of the auditorium for the presenter speaking so they can take note of what slide they’re on while speaking, or while teaching class in the auditorium.  So discrete installation, Multipurpose use with output that can be recorded at a later date or via Livestream, along with being able to watch without dimming the auditorium lights.  We designed this system to be virtually maintenance free since the projectors are nearly 30ft in the air.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

ZANTI Cucina Italiana

Location: The Woodlands Tx

This was a fun project, Zanti was well on their way to being open for business, when they had an acoustical issue in the dining areas along with the wine room.  We were approached to deaden the sound in an atheistically pleasing fashion, and so we did!

We added custom panels from Artnovian along with absorbing foam to coat the underside of the table and chairs to help keep the echo to a minimum.